More than 100 social media tastemakers lend their voices and visions to Kirtsy Takes a Bow in order to highlight the creative renaissance taking place online.

Laura MayesThe book’s creator and editor, Laura Mayes, is an Emmy award-winning writer and Internet entrepreneur. In her spare time, she writes for a variety of blogs, review sites, and publications, where her online reach extends to hundreds of thousands of women through her networks on Kirtsy, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and her personal blog The Queso. She’s regularly invited to speak at conferences, contribute to articles and consult with companies regarding social media and women. She lives with her husband and their son in Houston, Texas.

Kirtsy Founders

Laura Mayes joined two friends to found Kirtsy:

Gabrielle Blair is a designer and mother of five, whose popular blog Design Mom was named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 3 Motherhood Blogs.

Laurie Smithwick and her clever husband run LEAP Design, a can-do graphic and web design studio in North Carolina. She occasionally blogs at Upside Up.

Kirtsy Takes a Bow Contributors

This book has more than 100 contributors. It covers hundreds of topics. And you don’t need wifi to read it on the train.

Amie Adams
Rita Arens
Joanne Bamberger
Heather Barmore
Gwen Bell
Gabrielle Blair
Alice Bradley
Kaori Brauns
Brene’ Brown
Marta Dansie
Katherine Center
Sophia Charming
Kristin Chase
Tracey Clark
Catherine Connors
Jena Coray
John Culberson
Maggie Dammit
Marta Dansie
Nadia Dole
Caroline Donahue
Danny Evans
Lisa Fain
Jordan Ferney
Lindsay Ferrier
Kathryn Finney
Doug French
Amy Gates
Kenneth Germer
Georgia Getz
Brittney Gilbert
Joanna Goddard
Aran Goyoaga
Risa Green
Liz Gumbinner
Jennifer Harvey
Krystyn Heide
Genny Heikka
Daniel Hope
Tara Hunt
Kate Inglis
Sarah Ji
Sara Johnson
Isabel Kallman
Guy Kawasaki
Neil Kramer
Michelle Lamar
Jenny Lawson
Shawn Ledington
Jen Lemen
Dana Loesch
Yvonne Marie
Julie Mason
Maggie Mason
Laura Mayes
Jamie Meares
Lily McElroy
Lauren McKechnie
Karen Maezen Miller
Karen Mordechai
Loren Morris
Stacy Morrison
Casey Mullins
Irene Nam
Erica O’Grady
Tracey Gaughran-Perez
Julie Pippert
Kyran Pittman
Sarah Jane Rhee
Stephanie Roberts
Betsy Roy
Andrea Scher
Amy Turn Sharp
Angie Smith
Laurie Smithwick
Casey Solomon
Liz Stanley
Kathryn Storke
Mary Swenson
Joslyn Taylor
Evany Thomas
Katherine Thompson
Togy Ng Kwong To
Penelope Trunk
Amy Urquhart
Erin Kotecki Vest
Susan Wagner
Karen Walrond
Tish Warren
Lisa Whelan
Maile Wilson
Michelle Wolfson
Ryan Wright
Shannon Zoet